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My first grade class and I were delighted to have Mr. Levy share his time and talents with us in presenting his exciting Music and Motivation Program. He discussed with the students the importance of being positive and coming to school every day to put forth their best effort. Using music to engage the children, he adapted popular songs to sing and used his guitar to convey the important message of using positive self-talk to help reach one’s goals in striving for success. Even the shyest children in the class were up participating in the music and contributing to the discussion. Mr. Levy is truly a talented musician and has a special gift for using his creative abilities to reach children in enhancing their self-worth, motivation and eagerness to learn!
Louise Greco M. Ed, 1st Grade Teacher
What a wonderful experience I had watching 38 students become ALIVE! Their eyes opened and they all sat up straight and tall. As the time went on, not only did the music rock, but so did the students, everyone! Mr. Levy by far is an extremely talented individual. He instantly had the entire group engaged and before they knew it, he had enhanced their self-worth and motivated them to participate and learn. He uses his music like a magician uses a wand, and his creativity and ability to motivate not only children, but adults as well, is very enlightening. With his guitar and talent, Mr. Levy unlocks his very special creative gift and presents it with a BANG!
Christine Mulvihill, 5th Grade Teacher
Outstanding! Michael does an exceptional job at exciting, engaging, and informing young students about music, education and life. Using his guitar and outgoing personality, he inspires them about their limitless potential reminding them that they can be whatever they want, as long as they apply themselves. All of my students absolutely loved his presentation. This is truly a program to be enjoyed by everyone!
Greg Cazzola, 3rd Grade Teacher
Wonderful! The kids definitely loved his music, enthusiasm and presentation. He had them in the palm of his hand throughout the program. I truly believe that these children need to be taught that they are important and should love themselves as much as possible. Mr. Levy did an excellent job of getting those points across
Kelli Van Tassel, 2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Levy has visited my classroom on several occasions speaking and singing about school and being motivated. His message is positive, upbeat and very relevant to the students who respond well and find it easy to interact and have fun! Students definitely respond to music and interaction, and Mr. Levy has a wonderful way of engaging children, while sending a great message. I would definitely recommend his program to other classes and schools!
Jennifer Munro, 1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Levy’s creativity and professionalism are evident throughout his entire program. He uses his creativity to encourage students to be self-confident and motivated to succeed!
Verna Harenza, 3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. Levy passionately presented his Music and Motivation Program to my first grade class with his positive and motivating demeanor. The children thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and responded enthusiastically to his message and joyful songs. He has a knack of integrating music with his positive message of having integrity and responsibility at school. It was a pleasure to have Mr. Levy in my classroom, and his eagerness to share his love of music and encouraging thoughts were greatly appreciated.
Kasey Cole, 1st Grade Teacher
My fifth grade class enjoyed Mr. Levy’s performance very much. They even reminded me at the end of the day to be sure and hug myself! Every child enjoyed having their name included in his repertoire of songs. It gave them a feeling of self worth.
Kristi Shaffer, 5th Grade Teacher