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We have 3 children and our middle daughter wanted to try Rockatar. We signed her up and she couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she was having singing, dancing and playing different instruments. They had a performance at school and my husbandand I couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Our daughter was on stage singing, dancing and jumping around like a real Rock Star! It was like watching a different child. She was so comfortable on stage and having the time of her life!! We never knew she had that in her until Rockatar. After her performance our other two children wanted to try it. We love this program and Mr. Levy and his staff are incredible! We highly recommend Rockatar to all kids any age because you never know what you will discover through music.
Tracey & Damon S.
My son Joseph really enjoyed the camp last week! He asked me every day if I would be able to attend the performance. I want to thank you for providing a service that adds some variety to summer camps for kids.

Best wishes,

Thanks for all you do, Bennett and Lilly love their time at Rockatar!
Jen D.
We started with Michael Levy at the very beginning when he was giving lessons out of his home studio. It’s amazing to see how his business has grown. Mason loves his time with Mike and Josh at Rockatar learning how to play bass guitar. They are always willing to teach him how to play the music HE loves which is huge in helping kids stay dedicated to their musical endeavors. Michael and his team are so amazing at helping build self confidence in all the kids they work with. We love Rockatar Music Academy!
Debbi S.
My two boys started music lessons with Michael a couple of years ago based on the recommendation of a close friend. How lucky were we! Michael has turned out to be everything you’d want in a Music teacher…patient, flexible and knowledgeable. He made the kids feel comfortable and interested right from the start. He’s happy to teach whatever genre they want and since he stays current with music he relates well. When you see him in action it’s apparent he knows his stuff and LOVES what he does. We’re also impressed with the young and very select talent he has added to his staff. Rockatar continues to be a fun place to go each week!
Julie N.
Tatiana has enjoyed being part of Rockatar since January. As parents we could not have asked for more from the staff with their personal lesson plans and innovative music art performance techniques. Rockatar also had a great summer music camp. Tatiana enjoyed collaborating with other students and performing for us. Being able to see her groups music videos on the Rockatar website was a big plus.

Rockatar’s staff, Josh, Richy, and Michael have been great with Tatiana.

Marina & Keith M.
Kevin has many interests and has tried many things including modeling. He enjoys learning drums at Rockatar because it is fun and he thinks his teachers at Rockatar are cool.
Victor L.
Thank you for yesterday’s sessions for Yogen and Vedanten. I appreciate your enthusiasm, passion and willingness to work around our availability. You have a beautiful school and we feel blessed that we found you.
Nadine N.
My daughters did camp last week at the westchase location and had a blast. (Issa and Mae). They want to do it again! Some high points of your camp:

– exposure to music curriculum and musical instruments!

-one on one time with professionals

-sweet and nurturing staff (they loved Ms Beth!) -snacks offered!

-pressure off if you arrive at 12:32pm. I was early all days but didn’t feel pressure with “each minute late!” Style at other camps.

-exposure and experience with performing in front of a group! That in itself is a huge skill.

I was highly impressed with your office and staff. The office was also very clean which I pay attention to 🙂

Mandy A.
Danny is musically inclined and has been playing Piano since he was 5 years old. In his mid-teen years he wanted to learn to play electric guitar. We looked around to find him a good tutor and one of our neighbor recommended that we try out Rockatar Academy. While we were a bit skeptical if it would work out, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly Danny was able to pivot. He loved the family friendly environment, and most importantly he was very comfortable with the folks he was interacting with at the Academy. Within a few short months, he not only learned to play well but also thrilled the audience at their first Rock Concert. The ability for our son to learn playing the guitar and to get good at it can primarily be attributed to Michael Levy, the founder and owner’s focused approach. Michael has a good group of tutors that work very well with the kids. Although Danny is busy with his senior college bound year, he continues to go on a weekly basis, to learn new songs, new methods and continue improving his skills.
John V.
We can’t tell you how much Rockatar has helped our two boys develop their confidence and self esteem. We also believe it has helped them in school with concentration. It’s amazing how much they have learned in such a short time. We would like to thank Mr. Levy and his team for all of their hard work and dedication it’s greatly appreciated.
Pam & Don M.
My son and daughter have been taking lessons from Michael for well over a year now. He immediately welcomed them and spoke to them at a level that was respectful while showing them how much fun music can be. My daughter has since begun to take lessons from one of the other young instructors who has continued to build her confidence and inspired her to write some of her own music. My son is still currently with michael and has some special needs where he learns best in a one on one teaching environment. Michael continues to show patience and dedication to my sons interest in all types of music and is completely flexible as he learns and grows. Rockatar has always shown me that their #1 priority is building a relationship with us and I couldn’t ask for a better fit.
Heather & Douglas R.
A big thank you to Mr. Josh for working with Natalie on Friday with reading music. She was really stressed out with Bronco Beat and switching from Bass Clef to G Clef and learning notes below and above the bars… Josh totally made it completely understandable for her!

Thank you ROCKATAR!

Susan & Justin R.